Doug transitioned into the Lead Pastor role in September of 2014.  Doug once not only had hair, but had quite a bit of it. 

Doug's Story: I grew up in a Christian home. My dad is a pastor and my mom was a worship leader until she passed away in 2012. Growing up in a Christian home was a huge blessing. In college though, I began having some times of severe doubt and depression. I couldn't understand why God felt so far away. For years I struggled, but God was doing exactly what I needed. He was causing me to search for Him with all of my heart.

Out of that time of struggle came answers and experiences with God that strengthened my faith immeasurably. It then became my passion to help others find answers and experience God like I had. That's why I do what I do to this day. 

Right out of college I married my beautiful wife Kelly. It's amazing to be able to serve at Living Word along side her. We have three kids which you will hear me talk about in my messages (whether you want me to or not). Kelly and I have been at Living Word for 16 years now. We are extremely excited about what God is doing and can't wait to see what He'll do next!

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